Videos of the day

Video of the day
29 November 2020
Videographer Evgeny Hollywood from Yekaterinburg, Russia - Roman & Juli / Wedding, erotic, event, wedding
Video of the day
28 November 2020
Videographer Henrique Ogata No3 Filmes from San Paolo, Brazil - Marcela e Marlon, SDE, engagement, showreel, wedding
Video of the day
27 November 2020
Videographer Alexey Sokolov from Vitebsk, Belarus - Женя и Катя instagram, wedding
Video of the day
26 November 2020
Videographer baba 3D studio from Skopje, North Macedonia - Dream of life ..., drone-video, wedding
Video of the day
25 November 2020
Videographer Alex Cirstea Videographer from Pitesti, Romania - Alexandra & George - After Wedding session, SDE, drone-video, engagement, wedding
Video of the day
24 November 2020
Videographer OMEGA Studio from Odessa, Ukraine - lovE+Story, drone-video, engagement
Video of the day
23 November 2020
Videographer Ivo Vartanian from Burgas, Bulgaria - Thunder in Paradise, drone-video, wedding
Video of the day
22 November 2020
Videographer PRO AUTHOR from Opole, Poland - Klaudia & Karol, wedding
Video of the day
21 November 2020
Videographer Modestino  Iavarone from Naples, Italy - I PROMISE YOU, drone-video, engagement, event, reporting, wedding
Video of the day
20 November 2020
Videographer David Production from Tbilisi, Georgia - G + N, SDE, backstage, engagement, event, wedding
Video of the day
19 November 2020
Videographer Anthony Venitis from Athens, Greece - Demain, dès l'aure - Styled shoot with Stefanotis, wedding
Video of the day
18 November 2020
Videographer Olisha M from Moscow, Russia - The unity of opposites, wedding
Video of the day
17 November 2020
Videographer Humberto Cavalcante from Aveiro, Portugal - Sessão pós Ines e Frederico, Sanataré, Portugal, wedding
Video of the day
16 November 2020
Videographer Vitali Zubko from Brest, Belarus - Свадьба по славянским мотивам, engagement, event, musical video, reporting, wedding

Battles of the week

Changing together (sich zusammen verändern 2020)
Edel + Kenneth // Highlights
Руслан & Яна
Perfect puzzle | M&T | 2018
Vintage Wedding
Rem & Yana | Рем и Яна
Usually we look for love, but we need a passion! by Anastasia & Denis || SDE
Valentin & Elina / Wedding Tiser
Laura si Mihai
Number of winnings in the Battles of the week:
Videographer Carlos van Oostrum
Videographer Oneshchak Production
Videographer Juergen Holcik
Videographer Patrick M.
Videographer PK video Films
Videographer Evgeny Hollywood
Videographer Logic FreeMind
Videographer Eduard Carp
Videographer Medio Limon
Videographer GOODzyk production
Videographer Modestino  Iavarone
Videographer Alex Olteanu
Videographer Henrique Ogata No3 Filmes
Videographer Trocin Florin|Lulu Film
Videographer Bogdan Parfentyev

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Videographer Junior Caiuby
Brazil, San Paolo
Videographer Esteban Martinez Da Ros
Argentina, Cordoba
Videographer Ivan Balandin
Russia, Chita
Videographer Stefano Massoli
Italy, Perugia
Videographer Giacinto Catucci
Italy, Bari